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Joshua is passionate about realizing human potential through work and wellness.
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17 February 2020
Natural Movement on HVMN
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I listened to this episode on how natural movement trumps working out in the gym while running in the Santa Cruz mountains. I found myself taking more opportunities to run/jump through obstacles meant for mountain bikers, work my way around grazing cows, and across creeks. Give it a go!

16 February 2020
Bessie to Brussels 12K
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Longest run ever, which I affectionately called, The Bessie to Brussels [Sprouts] 12K 🥳🎉 totally on track for my 12 marathon in March! #zerotohalfmarathon #autoimmuneathlete #crohns #ostomy

14 February 2020
Joy of Movement 10K
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Last weekend I ran the “Joy of Movement 10K”—ambling up and down a ravine, past grazing cows, dodging eucalyptus debris in 50 mph wind gusts—while listening to @kevinrose and @kellymcgonigal talk about her new book

28 January 2020
4 Years of Meditation
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Today is the 4th anniversary of my daily meditation practice and I’m still holding close to my goal of 30 minutes with an average time of 26 min every day h/t @insighttimer

26 January 2020
Celebrating with a Keto Dessert
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Who says you can’t have dessert when you are #keto? I celebrated my bike reunion with a @notpiecupcakes keto shortcake, cherries and sugarless raw whipped cream #lchf #crohnslife

First Ride with a Relocated Ostomy
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After 4 months, I went for my first ride post #ostomy relocation surgery. I put on the kit that started it all at the Sea Otter Classic 2016 and rode my original training route. #crohns #autoimmuneathlete

4 January 2020
The Power of Wakefulness
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Going on 4 years of daily #meditation, I got a reminder of how powerful this practice is. I woke up with a busy brain and decided to get up and sit, expecting to eventually fall back asleep. Instead, I meditated more soundly than I slept! Look at that steep drop to the right, I’m pretty sure I hit peak wakeful awareness.

2 January 2020
Happy New Year
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I was definitely ready for the ‘10s to come to an end and got myself some lucky roasted chestnuts, which are nutritional powerhouses and full of resistant starches!
#crohns #autoimmune

26 December 2019
Peak Christmas
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Which one was #peakchristmas: Me, in the Star Wars #rogueleader onsie gifted by my 16 y/o daughter, or @TeamManda becoming a werewolf in our first round of Betrayal at House on the Hill?

25 December 2019
Happy Oaxacan Coffee Christmas
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A very #merrychristmas with the goods for my first ever coffee release in 2020!

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Joshua has spent the better part of twenty years helping founders get from idea to launch and from launch to thriving company. He was the president of an e-commerce platform and helped start an eco-friendly plastic company whose materials are used today across the yoga and shoe industry. In 2012, Joshua was sent on a different kind of journey—a health crisis that had him fighting for his life. With the standard of care not working, he dove deep into researching genetics, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, fasting and ketosis. In 2018 Joshua succeed in hacking his autoimmune disease and emerged an athlete, riding over 2000 miles on a single speed bike and competing in two triathlons.