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Finding The Rise of Skywalker

Since I came down with a flu post-Disneyland, I decided to dive into @Logans_Tweets “road to Episode IX” film challenge, remixing his original list a bit and posting my thoughts on EP:I, THX 1138, Ben Hur and American Graffiti #StarWars

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Twilight Zone

I saw Us opening weekend, and while I enjoyed the film, its flaws made it feel like a cold open for #TheTwilightZone. Well, now you can stream the first episode free—it’s incredibly sharp, but is it now worth paying CBS $6-$10 p/mo (+ Star Trek Discovery)?

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Infusion Time Again

Infusion time again. Sitting in the chair, I know life will be hard for a week, but when you don’t know what will happen if you miss your infusion, you go with the known #ibd #crohns #inflectra

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Halfway Through Fasting

For this year’s 19 day Fast* I am using Zero along with Cronometer and my Coros Pace Watch to keep track of some metrics, specifically sleep, activity, food consumption and ketone levels (along with blood and microbiome). Here is how it has gone, so far:

Avg. Sleep: 6.6 hrs (35% deep/2 min. wake)
Avg. Meditation: 30 min.

Avg. Ketone: 1.4 mmol/L
Avg. Glucose: 4.3 mmol/L
Avg. KGI: 3.07

Avg. Calories: 1542 p/day (62% fat, 16% protein, 22% carbs)
Weight Change: 3lbs.

Active Days: 6 of 10
Bike: 28 mi.
Run: 13 mi. (including a 10K race at the Santa Cruz Half Marathon)
Swim: 14 mi.

The Bahá’í Fast is actually time-restricted feeding without food or water while the sun is up.

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My Brother Takes the Bull

Two days ago I retweeted my my brother Ryan talking about the cover he did for Bull Magazine and his interview with Portugal the Man, today it arrived, ergo Twitter is magic.

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You should take the time to read @eliotpeper’s True Blue, released today as a public art project on the web, incorporating web design, illustration, and story. True Blue exists in a world where your status and ability is judged by the color of your eyes, reminiscent of Gattaca, one of my all-time favorite science fiction films. The story is elevated by beautiful illustrations from Phoebe Morris and Peter Nowell’s incredible art direction and development.

Equally as interesting is Eliot’s post about the project and how they went from idea to story, to illustrations, to a web site. There is innovative work underneath a compelling and thoughtful writing, and after reading the behind-the-scenes post, I read True Blue on multiple devices to appreciate the micro-animations and “Narrative Responsive Design”.

The recounting also reminded me of my own post about how I think of art as a verb, rather than a noun, and how it happens when we create, not as the finished object, which I resurfaced for you.

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My First 10K Race!

Santa Cruz Half Marathon

With looming storm clouds at the start and sunshine coming into the finish, I couldn’t be happier with my first 10K race at the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. I finished on a 9:11 pace ~ 18th in the 40-49 age group and 66th overall for men. I ran fasted, with a half of a bottle of HVMN Ketones consumed about 1.5 hours before the event. My pre-race ketone levels were 2.0 mmol and my ketone/glucose index was 2.2, which is pretty solid. I’ll break my fast at sundown with a glorious dinner to celebrate!

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Today I signed up for my first 10K and it is this Sunday! Come join me

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