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Joshua is passionate about realizing human potential through work and wellness.
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6 March 2021
The Last Infusion
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Due to a change in my health insurance (I now am paying for my own), I won’t be able to go to Stanford and they want to put me back on Inflectra. That did not turn out well before.

5 March 2021
Half-Marathon Achieved!
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I ran my first half-marathon this past Sunday. After last year’s attempt, I spent 6 months with a coach and 12 weeks training. 2:16 time.

8 December 2020
HVMN's New Keto Food Bar First Taste
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We just tried the Everything Bagel Keto Food Bar from HVMN,

  1. It’s super nice to have a savory option and if you go savory, everything bagel is a solidly craveable flavor.

  2. Amanda just kept repeating, “I love it” ๐Ÿ˜

You can check it out here, and even order a taste test pack for free!

Seven Years Later
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7 years ago today I was released from the hospital nearly a month after emergency surgery to divert my colon saved my life. A snow storm started as we left the hospital. We barely made it home before Ashland was shut down with over 2 feet of snow.

7 December 2020
Eucalyptus & New Keto Bars
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Here is a photo of a eucalyptus grove from our 13km Sunday walk fueled by HVMN’s new Keto Food Bar. First impression: It’s the best keto bar on the market.

6 December 2020
Where have you been?
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We definitely have a lot to catch up on - for the most part, I’ve been holed up like everyone else, but I also got a chance to take my family home, to Alaska, for the first time.

1 June 2020
AIDS/Lifecycle Day 1, 2020
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Yesterday would have been the start of the 545 mile ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธ ride from SF to LA to raise money for critical services @AIDSLifeCycle. I met up with a few intrepid cyclists at the Day 1 halfway point and rode them back to #SantaCruz. If you can give in any amount, please do

13 May 2020
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All wins get 2x ๐Ÿ† during these times. This morning I had a check-in with my strength coach @hvtraining and we went over some BFDs in my progress 5 weeks in. In my transition from mid to late forties tomorrow, I am giving myself an extra 4x ๐Ÿ‘Šon all #littlevictories.

21 April 2020
COVID-19 Database
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It turns out that my #remicade infusion this Wednesday may be more protection against a severe #covid19 illness than being in remission. Check it out ->
#crohns #ibd #ulcerativecolitis #autoimmune

17 March 2020
Shelter In Place walk
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One of the most important things while sheltering-in-place is making sure to get outside. Take the time to explore around you, walk for a couple miles, enlist the whole family. #shelterinplace #santacruz #joyofmovement

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Joshua has spent the better part of twenty years helping founders get from idea to launch and from launch to thriving company. He was the president of an e-commerce platform and helped start an eco-friendly plastic company whose materials are used today across the yoga and shoe industry. In 2012, Joshua was sent on a different kind of journeyโ€”a health crisis that had him fighting for his life. With the standard of care not working, he dove deep into researching genetics, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, fasting and ketosis. In 2018 Joshua succeed in hacking his autoimmune disease and emerged an athlete, riding over 2000 miles on a single speed bike and competing in two triathlons.