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Big Dipper

Ride Buddy /rīd ˈbədē/ noun: someone who is always stoked to get a call from you to go out for a ride or motivates your training

“Hey Joshua, do you want go do climbing laps?”

Walking on glaciers
Rivers pregnant with salmon
Alaska echoes

Go Ahead In the Rain

With Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest, Hanif Abdurraqib captures the essence, time and even the cadence of the greatest rap group of all time. Weaving his personal journey as a poet with personal letters and a keen sense of the world in which Tribe existed, enfolded and created, Hanif’s love letter speaks for us all.

Hello World!

About Joshua

Joshua has spent the better part of twenty years helping founders get from idea to launch and from launch to thriving company. He was the president of an e-commerce platform and helped start an eco-friendly plastic company whose materials are used today across the yoga and shoe industry. In 2012, Joshua was sent on a different kind of journey—a health crisis that had him fighting for his life. With the standard of care not working, he dove deep into researching genetics, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, fasting and ketosis. In 2018 Joshua succeed in hacking his autoimmune disease and emerged an athlete, riding over 2000 miles on a single speed bike and competing in two triathlons.