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001 :: October 1, 2019

Lucky Number 17

We say taking the first step is the hardest and while that is often true, I think it is relative to the journey. Sometimes continuing to take each step forward feels more difficult than the initial leap.

Seven days home from major surgery [read more] with an unknown timeline for recovery, I am playing the not-too-compatible roles of patient and nurse, caring for my wounds whilst trying not to let my feelings overwhelm my caring.

With this newsletter, I am aiming to share my own writing on topics like, health, resilience, training and mindfulness as well as point out some of the things I am reading, watching and listening to elsewhere. One of the things I have come to be quite sensitive to over the last seven years of dealing with severe chronic health issues, is where we put our attention is our most valuable currency, so everything I send has had some value to me and I hope you find some in receiving it.

I’m currently reading Lifespan by David Sinclair, so look for an update on that soon, but here are a couple of reads I recently found fascinating,

A Nobel-Winning Economist Goes to Burning Man from The New York Times

Conscious by Annaka Harris - With so many large non-fiction books being released these days, I was so pleased by how deep Annaka’s book goes in a very small, readable package. She manages to give you a great taste for where we stand on the subject today, backed up with an incredible list of resources at the back.

Much of my podcast time recently has been spent on cycling, but these three are some of my favorite listens so far this year.

Barlow’s Legacy (20m) is Cory Doctorow reading an essay he wrote about his mentor and friend, John Barlow, for the Duke Law and Tech Review. The essay is everything you’d expect from Cory, but in his reading of it, you get the sense of how much he revered and loved this man.

The Gift of Silence: Quieting the Mind is a talk from Tara Brach’s podcast, which is one of my go to sources for talks on meditation and mindfulness.

Episode 155: Quentin Tarantino (63m) This last one is from Soundtracking with Edith Bowman and is a conversation with Tarantino about the music of his new film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Music is always a key player in Tarantino’s films and the story and details about how he put together this singular time in Hollywood is a great conversation and perhaps my favorite Tarantino interview.

You will come to find out that I am a fan of great coffee, this week I received a Kickstarted portable pourover tool called The Pourigami, and got to test it out on this year’s release of my favorite coffee from last year, Andytown’s Bella Vista, a single origin from Mexico.

The Pourigami

Until next time,