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002 :: October 16, 2019

How Long Would You Want to Live?

“Your ego is not your amigo” - Tony Alva

I’m three weeks into recovery from abdominal surgery and while it has been a roller coaster ride, the healing is going exceptionally well thanks to my Miraculous Healing Mode 2.0 protocol (more on that soon!). I just posted a review of David Sinclair P.h.D.’s book, Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don’t Have To. I promise this book isn’t some snake oil pitch, David is one of the top researchers in this field and the successful experiments he reveals in the book are jaw-dropping. I also talk about how I used anti-aging strategies to put my Crohn’s into remission. Read the review, here.

Here are a couple of interesting pieces from two very different sources that have me thinking,

Pharrell in GQ’s New Masculinity issue talks about his approach to fashion and music, as well as evolving and capturing the times we are living in. One thing that really resonated with me was his response to being asked about the charged political and planetary climate issues,

“I don’t worry as much as I work. I work to try and be the difference and to try and share the difference. So fear—you will not see that. Not with me.”

On the subject of things to be afraid of, Malka Older, Ph.D. (@m_older) wrote Google is Coming for Your Face in The Nation about how companies are not just satisfied with data from people with expensive phones, but are routinely going after already marginalized populations without oversight or even informed consent.

Most of my time spent listening was in support of my review of Lifespan, but if you haven’t discovered the Broken Record podcast with Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin, their new season is up, kicking off with Jack White & Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs. Also, check out past seasons for great conversations with incredible musicians and two people you’d never think would hang out together.

Saturday we had a Mexican coffee standoff between the Andytown from my last email and another coffee from Chiapas, roasted by my favorite, Noble Coffee from Ashland, Oregon. The Andytown seemed to be the crowd favorite, but what makes the La Cascada from Noble special is that it is from a single varietal and a single farmer. Typically single-origin coffees contain a mix of beans from farmers in the co-op.

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