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005 :: March 13, 2020

Preparing for that "C" Word

Happy Friday the 13th —

I hope this finds you well wherever you are social-distancing right now. Since I work from home already, I am already somewhat isolated, but the biggest state of panic seems to exist on the Internet, the more I stay off of it, the more life feels normal, minus the lack of baseball.

I’ve been training for the last 10 weeks to run a half-marathon (follow along here) and last weekend accomplished my first double-digit run! The plan was to run the virtual New York Road Runners (NYRR) half-marathon this weekend, but I may delay it for a week.
One of the best ways I know to deal with the stress of something is to write about it, so posted Preparing for COVID-19 with IBD.

If you are struggling with IBD or have family members or friends who are, I hope you share it with them. If you don’t have someone in the house with a compromised immune system, there is a lot of what I think is helpful information about keeping you boosted, and some resources that I think are credible in providing everything from health advice to scientific evaluation of the spread of the virus.

I found this game created as a fundraiser for hospitals in Wuhan, China that depicts walking through the city after people were forced to stay home. It is a haunting side-scrolling walk that moves through ghosts of the city. Like everything in life, you can only walk forward, through it.

toward the enduring light game

I saw Onward in the theater this past weekend and it is a shame that more people probably won’t get the chance. The plot would be difficult for some children, particularly those that have experienced loss, but the story, characters and world were fantastic and some great voice acting. Not in the upper-echelon of Pixar films, but like the world of Monsters, Inc., it was so much fun to be in and I would watch more stories set there.

If you’d rather stay home, Knives Out is out on digital and blu-ray. Rian Johnson’s contemporary take on an Agatha Christie mystery was my favorite film of last year and the home release includes some of the best extra content for a film in a while. The commentaries and full-length look at the making of the film are great ways to burn some of your in-house time.

If you have more questions or concerns about IBD and COVID-19, please email me as I am happy to be of help if I can.

Stay safe out there,

  • Joshua