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003 :: February 9, 2020

My first 10k post-surgery, The Oscars, and Coffee

Happy New Year! I can still say that, right? Last you heard from me, I was still on painkillers after my surgery. The healing went really well, until it didn’t. The last few months, I have been dealing with the rejection of a biological mesh used to strengthen my abdominal wall from a surgery two years ago.

In January, despite my limbo status, I decided to start running and riding my bike again, and this morning I ran a 10K on the trails in Santa Cruz while listening to Kevin Rose talk with Kelly McGonigal about her book Joy of Movement. Kelly and Kevin have a great conversation on how movement, not just exercise, can impact your overall well-being, not just your physical health.

Speaking of books, I haven’t written about it yet, but I’m not buying any new books in 2020, in fact, Joy of Movement was the last book I purchased. About halfway through last year, I was blown away by the quality of books I was reading, I wanted to spend 2020 going back and rereading things that have stuck with me in my last couple of years of reading, peppered with books I had already bought, but not read yet.

Other things for the new year include running a half-marathon in March (my own, stay tuned!), and perhaps a return to the Sea Otter Classic and the AIDS/Lifecycle ride if I can get this body of mine to heal up.

I had set out to do a end-of-year recap, and was 2500 words into the Guide to Thrive in 2020, before losing it to the cloud. This is the first time I’ve ever lost a document completely and on some level I still can’t believe it, but it will come back and I’ll share it all with you!

Speaking of YOU, losing my document made me reflect on this newsletter, my writing and what I wanted from the experience, and I really want this to be more of a conversation. I want to know what you are thinking about, struggling with and wanting from your year and how that overlaps with what you’d like to hear with me. Please fill out this short form, I am really looking forward to seeing what part of my journey is most interesting to you.

Once Upon a Time, in 1917, Little Women got a Parasite from an Irish Joker named Jojo Rabbit, whose Marriage Story began in a Ford

The Oscars are happening in an hour. I have seen most of the nominated films this year, and it seems like any one of them is deserving of the “Best Picture” title. Of the group, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the best film I saw all year, but 1917 was the last of the films released and is brilliantly filmed, directed and acted. Just based on recency, I think the WWI film will win the big prize and Tarantino will pick up Best Director. Parasite is a lock for Best Foreign Film. I thoroughly enjoyed Gerwig’s take on Little Women, Jojo Rabbit and Ford vs. Ferrari, but they were just a slight notch below the other three films.

I do hope Knives Out wins for Best Original Screenplay, as it was my favorite movie of the year. An up-to-the-minute take on the old murder mystery trope, Rian Johnson wrote an incredibly fun film to watch and rewatch. Another film that took an old format and made it incredibly relevant is Motherless Brooklyn, which was brilliantly written, directed and acted by Edward Norton. Motherless Brooklyn feels like a noir-style biopic of our current president and I was shocked a bit it wasn’t nominated for anything.

There are so many new subscribers, in the last couple of months so I’m really looking forward to reading your responses to my form. I will share some details of the general questions, but there is space to give more personal takes, and if you want me to respond directly, a spot to put in your email address.

Until next time!

p.s. I started roasting coffee. Interested?

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