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12 September 2019
Seven Days to Surgery
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- 📆 surgery in 7 days to rebuild my abdomen and relocate my ostomy
- 🚴 training ride along 🌊 got cut short by a flat + ostomy bleeding
- started Miraculous Healing Mode 2.0 protocol in prep with MK-677 peptide and can tell it’s working, bc 🥩🥡🥥🍔

8 September 2019
Lottery of Words
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I won the lottery
of words
you pulled
out of fear
and formed
with ink
and pulp

Thank you,
Mike Mahoney
Jose Arroyo

19 August 2019
Atmosphaera Incognita Review
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A real estate deal with an overly inflated sense of importance that is not WeWork’s S-1. A short review of Atmosphæra Incognita by @nealstephenson here 👇

14 August 2019
Tahini Cocoa Bombs
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I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the Tahini Cocoa Bombs recipe with @hvmn Keto Collagen+, so I’ve appended it to the original post + learn my top 5 reasons to skip the almond butter and eat tahini! 👇 #keto #snacks #autoimmune #crohns

6 August 2019
The Happiness Machine
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The indomitable humanists over at want you to live an adventurous life, and share it! They recently asked me to create a challenge, so I went #singlespeed 🚴 on their community with 🔥 The Happiness Machine 😁

21 July 2019
Zug um Zug
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Last night’s discussion re: #TourdeFrance2019 p.s. if you aren’t watching, you are missing a show by the GC and an inspired French team Listening: Johan + JB’s previews/Lance + Hincapie Following: @Eurosport_UK #zugumzug

19 July 2019
Brian Eno's Humanity
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My weekend is shaping up with @brianeno Apollo – Atmospheres & Soundtracks on vinyl and the documentary it was made for, For All Mankind @criterionchannl #moonlanding

16 July 2019
Space Day
~ link ~

I celebrated the anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch with the #moonlanding special insert in the NY Times. Excellent stories, illustrations and photographs on the history, as well as where we are now, where we are headed, and how we need space exploration to reflect all of us.

22 June 2019
Twenty Years of Star Wars Covers
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Twenty years of Annie Leibovitz + Vanity Fair + Star Wars 😍📷🚀 #riseofskywalker

20 June 2019
Superbetter Saved My Life
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I can draw a line from deep remission of #Crohns after 7 yrs/17 surgeries –> Jane’s book, Superbetter ($4.99 on kindle). Anyone feeling disempowered—from disease, injury or trauma—can apply her insights to gain what you need most, a sense of agency

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Joshua has spent the better part of twenty years helping founders get from idea to launch and from launch to thriving company. He was the president of an e-commerce platform and helped start an eco-friendly plastic company whose materials are used today across the yoga and shoe industry. In 2012, Joshua was sent on a different kind of journey—a health crisis that had him fighting for his life. With the standard of care not working, he dove deep into researching genetics, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, fasting and ketosis. In 2018 Joshua succeed in hacking his autoimmune disease and emerged an athlete, riding over 2000 miles on a single speed bike and competing in two triathlons.