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2 May 2019
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Floating in a dreamlike state right now. Colonoscopy results 1yr after 16th surgery,

💯 No active disease

💯🎉 No inflammation

💯🎉💪 SES-CD score: 0

💯🎉💪😎 “Deep remission”

#beatCrohns #autoimmuneathlete #ketosis #mitochondriac

1 May 2019
One Year Later
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I have a scope tomorrow 1yr since my 16th surgery and Crohn’s declared “in remission”. Lots of emotions, but I’ve had an exceptional year:

🚴‍♂️Biked from SF to LA

🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏊‍♂️ Competed in 2 Tris

🏃‍♂️ Ran a 10K race

🧮 Became an ed-tech co-founder

👧 Teenage daughter came to live with us

30 April 2019
How I Ran a Sub-3-Hour Marathon from HVMN
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Being an effective co-founder + athlete seems like a puzzle whose pieces weren’t made to go together (I want them to!)—Michael Brandt @bdm_tastemakers, co-founder of HVMN talks about his training for Boston and reflects on the support of his colleagues.

29 April 2019
Ted Chiang in the NY Times
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If you picked up an actual paper @nytimes this Sunday, you got a gem of an illustrated short science fiction story—BETTER VERSIONS OF YOU—by the venerable Ted Chiang.

28 April 2019
You Really Can Do Anything
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One thing I discovered in my Crohn’s -> triathlete journey is, deciding to do something is often the defining factor of accomplishment. This woman with a prosthetic leg ran a 140mi through the desert.

27 April 2019
Independent Bookstore Day
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Made my way to @BookshopSC this morning and picked up The Overstory and A Brief History of Seven Killings for #IndependentBookstoreDay

26 April 2019
Set Meditation To Infinity Stone
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Today I set my meditation to Infinity Stone #nolimits #Endgame

Best Movie Year Ever
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Today’s #bookmail is super exciting because I thought maybe i was the only one who thought 1999 was the best movie year ever

19 April 2019
Finding The Rise of Skywalker
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Since I came down with a flu post-Disneyland, I decided to dive into @Logans_Tweets “road to Episode IX” film challenge, remixing his original list a bit and posting my thoughts on EP:I, THX 1138, Ben Hur and American Graffiti #StarWars

2 April 2019
Twilight Zone
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I saw Us opening weekend, and while I enjoyed the film, its flaws made it feel like a cold open for #TheTwilightZone. Well, now you can stream the first episode free—it’s incredibly sharp, but is it now worth paying CBS $6-$10 p/mo (+ Star Trek Discovery)?

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