February 2019 Why Bother Aging? A look at Lifespan

A review of the new book Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, and how I used anti-aging techniques to put my Crohn's disease into remission.

February 2019 Lucky Number 17

I'm going in for surgery related to complications from Crohn's, but this time it's on my own terms.

February 2019 Iterating for Forty Years

I have a fascination with how businesses manage what's on the shelf, this comic book shop guru showed me the ways.

February 2019 Atmosphaera Incognita S-1 Filing

A review of the Neal Stephenson novella, Atmosphaera Incognita from Subterranean Press

February 2019 More Bang from Your Bovine & Coconuts

I got my hands on some of HVMN's new Keto Collagen+ and promptly added it into my mix.

February 2019 Not All Heroes Come From Comic Books

A review of A Hero Born, one of China's most famous wuxia sagas, in English for the first time.

February 2019 Forty-five

One week in and I am already being reminded that I am alive and WELL!

February 2019 Lisa Brennan-Job's Small Fry

This incredibly personal book about growing up, parenting and finding where and how you fit into the world and your family, is one of my favorite reads this year.

February 2019 A Single Data Point of Failure

Two years ago I was put on Remicade, a TNFa immune blocker, to control my Crohn’s disease, until insurance decided to save a few bucks.

February 2018 Art is the making it

What I learned walking around Stanford that my professors tried to teach me at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston twenty years ago.

February 2013 High Speed in the Muscle Era

Cinema in the late 1960s and '70s shifted focus as art gave way to grit, echoing society’s search for identity through the volatile time.