The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In!

The reviews for my book, The Crohn's Disease AIP Cookbook, have been coming in from doctors, chefs, and the Crohn's community.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

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My book is in the top 200 of the Abdominal Disorders & Diseases category today and is receiving some amazing reviews, including this one from Jane McGonigal (!)

“This book can help anyone who wants to fuel their body, boost their resilience and heal with every meal. It’s full of clear, science-based guidance to making healthy, delicious meals that reduce inflammation and help your body heal.” —Jane McGonigal, best-selling author of SuperBetter, Reality is Broken and Imaginable

“If you or someone you love has Crohn’s Disease, you must have this book. For years we doctors told patients with autoimmune diseases that diet didn’t matter—and we were dead wrong. Here is careful, clear science-based guidance to making healthy, delicious meals that reduce inflammation and help your body heal.” —Martin L. Rossman, MD, author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing

“A must-own if you have Crohn’s Disease. The recipes are simple, practical, and effective.” —Michael McEvoy, functional medicine practitioner,

“The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook is a must-have for anyone struggling with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Joshua and Kia walk you through an elimination diet and reintroduction, supporting you along the way with delicious recipes. This book is full of useful information and will be my new go-to reference when working with clients on the AIP diet.” —Julie Kimball, health supportive chef

“As a healthcare practitioner I see many patients with Crohn’s disease who have not been helped by traditional medical advice and pharmaceutical interventions. I commonly see the missing link in nutritional and lifestyle shifts for chronic health conditions. This book provides clear, easy strategies for eliminating food triggers and more importantly, replacing them with nutritious dietary options that heal internal inflammation, create symptom relief, and offer long-term wellness.

I’m personally inspired to start using more cassava flour as a grain alternative in my own cooking and there are some fantastic recipes in here to explore!” - Amie Brooke, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Owner of Blue Soulspace

You can still preorder here or get the Kindle version today!