A new study shows a bidrectional link between IBD and depression. People with IBD are 9x more likely to develop depression and people with depression are 2x as likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease.


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A year ago I ran my first 12 marathon. 8 months ago I nearly lost my life from complications due to Crohn’s. Today, I started my journey back. Thanks for the 5k! #fleetfeetmonterey #thebigrun #GlobalRunningDay #coros #pace2

I woke up today and my book is #30 in it’s category! Let’s get it into the top ten!

73% of people in a 2017 study saw clinical remission in 6 weeks using the Autoimmune Protocol Diet.

Please share with anyone if your life who has Crohn’s Disease.


It was really fun to talk with Lily about my book on Crohn’s and the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. Check it out!

Happy #BookBirthday to The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook 🍽️🔪👨‍🍳 and a big 🙏 to my co-author Kia Sanford MS for all the guidance and 🧐 in my own journey to remission from Crohn’s https://amzn.to/38MTqdp

Re: mental health + #Crohns. Since moving, I’ve been a bit agoraphobic when solo —I haven’t been on a run or bike ride since we got here —I don’t know anyone, I’ve had neuropathy from meds, and inflammation is 10x. Yesterday, I signed up for a 5k and got my 1st run in today 😅

I’ve been asked about the most challenging & rewarding aspects of writing the Crohn’s AIP cookbook. The answer is the same—writing delicious and comforting food people can find themselves in for healing! #IBD #worldibdday #CrohnsDisease

The Kindle version of The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook is now available!

“If you or someone you love has Crohn’s Disease, you must have this book.” - Dr. Martin L. Rossman, MD, author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing


Serendipity! I moved last weekend and when I went to pick up the keys, this guy was waiting at the door!


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