Announcing the “Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook"
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Announcing the “Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook"

After a LOT of hard work (mostly getting out of my own way!), I’m so excited to finally announce that I have a new book coming out, “Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook”.
  • The Crohn’s and AIP connection—Get an overview of the science behind autoimmune symptoms and how the AIP diet is built to combat them.
  • Amazing food—I dug deep to create amazingly satisfying and delicious AIP-friendly dishes that are quick to prepare and easy to share with your family.
  • Stay on track—Handy charts and tips for tracking your symptoms, handling food flare-ups, and quickly referencing what to eat or avoid at different stages of the diet.
It’s only been in the last few years that doctors have started to acknowledge that diet can have a profound effect on Crohn’s and IBD symptoms In “The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook”, I am encouraging people to use the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, “as a diagnostic tool that quiets the noise introduced by inflammation so that you can more clearly access the signals of healing.”
A 2017 study in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases successfully pulled the curtain back on the complexity of IBD, showing it is highly affected by environmental factors, including stress, dysfunctional cellular health, gut dysbiosis, and diet.
73% of participants in the AIP study achieved clinical remission after the initial six-week phase, and each of those participants maintained remission through the maintenance phase.
My goal with the book was to combine science with nourishment and comfort. There is a framework for healing as well as some incredibly delicious food.
I’d love for you to support my book! You can pre-order your copy here:
Stay tuned, I’m pretty excited to share some sneak peeks in the coming weeks!